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This section of the Archive features Doctor Strange action figures and figures.  For the purpose of this site, action figures are figures that are articulated.  For example arms and legs that move and can be posed.  Figures are not articulated but are to small to be considered statues.  The very first Doctor Strange action figure was the 1996 Toy Biz Spider-Man Spider Wars Doctor Strange figure.  It came with a thick plastic cape with a wire in the bottom and a waist clip.  This allowed you to pose the figure as if it was flying off the ground by standing it on the base of the cape and raising the legs.  Many other action figures have been released over the years in various sizes.  One of my favorites is the Hot Toys 1/6 scale Doctor Strange.  It doesn’t get any better than that figure.  This category also includes PoPs and Mini Mates since they do not really fit in any other category.

Many non-articulated figures have also been released over the years.  Some where released as part of Marvel magazines,  Ben Cooper Jigglers (super creepy), Q-Figs,  Doctor Strange Mr. Potato Head,  etc.   Some are made of plastic and some are made of metal.  


Since the release of the 2016 Doctor Strange movie, many of the figures are sculpted after the movie version of Doctor Strange instead of the classic look. 


In recent years, you can also notice that many figures, action figures in particular, have reused the same molds or sculpts.   They may be to different scales, but the sculpt is the same.  In all honesty, its how a manufacturer can make more money and keep costs down, but for collections, its a bit redundant.


This page only lists figures, for statues use the menu options above to navigate to the other pages.  Enjoy!

Pic Name Series Artist     Date         Size         Details    
Dr. Strange Marvel Select Unk 7" Details
Dr. Strange Spider Wars Unk 1996 5" Details
The Dark Side Dr. Strange Marvel History Unk 2000 5" Details
Dr. Strange Marvel Legends Galactus Series Unk 2005 6" Details
Doctor Strange Marvel Universe Series 3 Unk 2010 4" Details
Doctor Strange no Name Astral Variant Marvel Universe Series 3 Unk 2010 5 1/2" 8 1/4" Details
The Defenders Marvel's Greatest Battles Comic Pack Unk 2011 4" Details
Dr. Strange Marvel Select Unk 2015 7" Details
Marvel Heroes Marvel Legends Infinite Series Unk 2015 6" Details
Doctor Strange Legend Series Unk 2016 6" Details
Doctor Strange Legends Series Unk 2016 6" Details
Doctor Strange Legends Series Unk 2016 6" Details
Doctor Strange Marvel Select Giant Studios 2016 7" Details
Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Unk 2016 4" Details
Doctor Strange & Burning Flame Set None Unk 2017 6" Details
Hot Toys Doctor Strange 1/6 Scale Viva Lai, Koh Hyeong, Seok, J.C. Hong 2017 12.5" Details
Doctor Strange Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts KAI Hitoshi Kondo 2017 10 1/2" x 11 3/4" Details
Doctor Strange Avengers Infinity War Unk 2017 6" Details
Doctor Strange Marvel Toy Box Series 9 Unk 2018 5" Details
Marvel Studios The First Ten Years Legends Series Unk 2018 14" x 9" x 2 1/2" Details


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