Dr. Strange Archive Guides

The Dr. Strange Archive is not just a listing of my personal collection.  It is a repository of historical information on Dr. Strange as well as a resource for collectors in general.  The guides published below were created to help others manage their collections and provide historical information on various specific items  or categories of collecting.  Keep in mind, everyone has their own way of doing things and there are many ways to do something correctly.  The ideas outlined in the below guides come from my personal experience as well as lessons learned over the years.  Use the information as you wish.  If you reference anything below in your own publications or work, please provide a reference back to this website.

- This guide discusses how to bag and board silver age comics.

- This guide discusses  the use of bags, boards, storage boxes, etc. to protect your collection.

- This guide discusses some best practices and lessons learned form using auction sites such as eBay.

- This is a guide for buying comics and collectables at a convention or show.


- 1976 Topps Marvel Super Heroes Sticker Guide.

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