Doctor Strange has appeared in several types of books ranging from novels to adventure books.  Several paperback books were released in 1989 and 1979.  Some of these books were reprinted comic books and others were  puzzle books.    In the 1980s  Marvel Adventures books were released.  Doctor Strange was featured in a couple of them.  These paperback books were the adventure books where you would read a story, then pick what action you wanted to take.  Based on the action, you would turn to a certain page.  I loved these types of adventure books when I was younger.    A slipcased book documenting the making of the 2016 Doctor Strange movie was also released.  This is a great book, with tons of great production photographs and art.

This page documents both hard back and paperback Doctor Strange related books.  Graphics  Novels are features on their own page and magazines/fanzines are features on the Miscellaneous page of the archive.  Use the menu above to navigate to other pages related to those items.

Pic Title Author     Date         Type         Details    
Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts Various 1978 Paperback Details
Doctor Strange Mystic Number Puzzles Wayne Williams 1978 Paperback Details
Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts Various 1979 Paperback Details
Nightmare William Rotsler 1979 Paperback Details
Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts Stan Lee 1979 Graphic Novel Details
Stan Lee Presents The Marvel Illustrated Version of Spider-Man His Greatest Team-Up Battles None 1981 Softcover Details
Through Six Dimensions Allen Varney 1986 Paperback Details
Triumph and Torment Roger Stern 1989 HC Graphic Novel Details
Mystic Arcana Multiple 2007 Hardcover Details
Marvel The Expanding Universe Wall Chart Michael Mallory 2009 Hardcover Details
Marie Severin Dewey Cassell 2012 Softcover Details
The Fate of Dreams Devin Grayson 2016 Hard Cover Details
The Mysterious World of Doctor Strange Billy Wrecks, Nick Jones and Danny Graydon 2016 Hard Cover Details
The Art of Doctor Strange Jacob Johnston 2016 Hard Cover Details
Color Your Own Doctor Strange None 2016 Coloring Book Details
Doctor Strange Attack of the Doubt Demons Liz Marsham 2016 Paperback Kids Details
This is Doctor Strange Alexandra West 2016 Paperback Childrens Details
Marvel Doodles Kurt Hartman and Tomas Palacios 2016 Soft Cover Details
Ultimate Marvel Adam Bray, Lorraine Cink, Melanie Scott and Stephen Wiacek 2017 Compendium Details
World of Reading Marvel 3 Tales of Adventure Various 2017 Softcover Children's Book Details
Doctor Strange Arie Kaplan 2017 Hardcover Children's Book Details
P. Craig Russell's Strange Dreams Artist's Edition P. Craig Russell 2017 Hardcover Details
The Official Movie Special Avengers Infinity War Numerous 2018 Hardcover Details
Marvel Studios The First Ten Years The Official Collector's Edition Multiple 2018 Hardcover Details
Non-Sport Update Multiple 2018 Magazine Details
Marvel Studios The First Ten Years The Official Movie Special Multiple 2018 Soft Cover Details
Doctor Strange and Philosophy: the other book of forbidden knowledge Mark D. White 2018 Soft cover Details
Avengers Infinity War Eleni Roussos 2018 Clip Case Hardcover Details
Dungeons & Dragons Arts & Arcana A Visual History Various 2018 Slipcase Hardcover Details
Marvel Alpha Block None 2019 Hardcover Childrens Book Details
Marvel Monograph: The Art of Esad Ribic John Rhett Thomas 2019 Softcover Details
Marvel Strike Force: The Art of the Game John Rhett Thomas 2019 Hardcover Details
The Marvel Art of Joe Quesada - Expanded Edition John Rhett Thomas 2019 Hardcover Details
Avengers End Game Eleni Roussos 2019 Clip Case Hardcover Details
5 Minute Marvel Stories Various 2019 Hardcover Children's Book Details
The MOviemaking Magic of Marvel Studios Heroes + Villains Eleni Roussos 2019 Hardcover Details
How to Paint Characters the Marvel Studios Way Various 2019 Hardcover Details
The Marvel Art of Skottie Young Jess Harrold 2019 Hardcover Details
Marvel 80 for 80 Jess Harrold and John Rhett Thomas 2019 Hardcover Details
Marvels Poster Book None 2019 Softcover Details
Regards, Ditko Jaison Chahwala 2019 Softcover Details
Myths and Legends James Hill 2020 Hardcover Details
Ditko Is... Strange! King Size None 2020 Hardcover Details
My Mighty Marvel First Book: The Incredible Hulk Unkown 2021 Thick Cardbaord Details



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