General History

Doctor Strange is one of the oldest Marvel Characters.  He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko making his debut in Strange Tales #110 in July of 1963.  

Strange Tales  originally contained mystery/suspense/horror types of stories.  In  issue #101, the book became more superhero oriented when a Human Torch story was featured in each issue along with a secondary non Human Torch story.  Doctor Strange was created to fill one of these secondary story lines in issue #110.  Mr. Ditko used Vincent Price as inspiration for the look of Doctor Strange.

A Doctor Strange story line became standard.  In issue #135 he began sharing the comic with Agent of Shield (Nick Fury) stories.  The Doctor eventually took over the book and it was renamed Doctor Strange and continued with the number 169  in June of 1968 and continued through issue #183.

In 1972, Dr. Strange appeared in an important  12 issue run of Marvel 

Premier (#3-#14).  Doctor Strange eventually got his own title starting with issue #1 in June of 1974.  This is one of my favorite Dr. Strange covers (Frank Brunner).  Since then, Doctor Strange has appeared in several of his own series as well making guest appearance on covers and stories of hundreds of other comic books.  He usually makes appearance in all major Marvel events, usually in some pivotal role.  He has also appeared in several publisher crossovers such as DC/Marvel All Access and Image Comics Unholy Union alongside Witchblade and Darkness.

Dr. Strange has been a member of several teams and founded one of the most powerful teams in the Marvel Universe - The Defenders.  As with most comic book characters, this powers ebb and flow based on the writers, but Doctor Strange has always been a force to recon with defeating demons, gods and cosmic entities.

Doctor Strange has also appeared on countless collectables since the 1960s and appeared in a TV pilot, TV animated series and in Movies.

The Costumes

The Dr. Strange Archive is the on-line home of  my private Doctor Strange collection and historic information  on the Marvel character.    The collection has grown over the past thirty years to include over 950 Dr. Strange comics (primary run and guest appearances) and over 350 collectables from the 1960s to the present.  The collection is divided into two main categories:  Comics & Collectables.  Each category is further subdivided for ease of reference.  Not only does the website document the collection, it is also a repository for other Doctor Strange information both historical and contemporary.  Have a look around and enjoy the information prostate on this site.  If you have any questions or if you would like to contact or follow the Archive on social media, use the menu above.

Origin Story

The Doctor's origin story has been retold in many comics over the years.  The story has stayed pretty consistent, but occasionally whomever is writing the comic will change it a bit.  The original origin story appeared in Strange Tales #115 in December 1963.

Stephen Strange traveled to India in search of the Ancient One ,who he believed had magic healing powers.  The Ancient One tells Stephen that he does not waste his magic on the unworthy.  He gets mad and comes after the Ancient One, who freezes him in mid air then reads his memories.  The Ancient One learns Stephen was once a famous surgeon who was greedy and arrogant.  Stephen was in a bad auto accident and suffered severe nerve damage to his hands that would prevent him from operating again.  He eventually heard about the Ancient One from some dock workers and ventured to India.  The Ancient One does not cure his hands, but offers to train him.  Stephen is still mad and refuses.  A snow storm comes in stranding him there (work of the Ancient One?).  The Ancient One introduces Stephen to his pupil, Mordo.  Stephen discovers Mordo is plotting with Dormammu against the Ancient One.  Stephen attempts to warn the Ancient One, but Mordo cast a spell that placed an iron clamp on his mouth that kept him from speaking about Mordo's treason.  After finally coming to the realization that magic was real, and the only way he could stop Mordo was becoming the Ancient One's pupil, so he could learn magic o defeat Mordo.  The Ancient One removes Mordo's spell and tells Stephen he know of Mordo's plans on this time.  Dr. Strange would train under the Ancient One for years becoming the Master of Black Magic.

TV/Movie/Radio Appearances

1978 - Dr. Strange TV Pilot

1981 - Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends : Episode 6 “7 Little Superheroes”

1994- X-Men: The Animated Series: Episode 5 “The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 3”

 1996  - Spider-Man: The Animated Series: : “Sins of the Fathers Chapter 1: Doctor Strange”

 1997 - The Incredible Hulk: Episode 3 “Mind Over Anti-Matter”

2007 - Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme animated feature

2009 - The Super Hero Squad Show: “Enter Dormammu”, “A Brat Walks Among Us”,            Night in the Sanctorum”, “Invader from the Dark Dimension” and “Election of Evil”

2010 - Planet Hulk animated feature

2012 - Ultimate Spider-Man: Episode 13 “Strange”

2014 - Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers: Episode  1 “The Mightiest of Heroes”

2014 - Ultimate Spider-Man: Episode 4 “Cloak and Dagger”

2015 - Avengers Assemble: Episode 12 “Widow’s Run”

2016 - Ultimate Spider-Man:  Episode 20“Strange Little Halloween”

2016 - Ultimate Spider-Man: Episode 16 “Return to the Spider-Verse Part 1”

2016 - Ultimate Spider-Man: Episode 3 “Miles from Home”

2016 - Ultimate Spider-Man:  Episode 17 “The Moon Knight Before Christmas”

2016 - Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.:  Episode 20 “Stranger in a Strange Land”

2016 - Doctor Strange Movie

2017 - Thor Ragnarok

2018 - Avengers Infinity War

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